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Thursday, January 2, 2014



These few days mcm we were discussing a lot pasal kahwin.

Mama told the procedure.
Mama told the responsibilities.
Ina started to share her friend's experienced.

Ketidakfahaman berlaku.

mama kata cenggini "Ada masuk minang, okay ja."

eh, tetiba?

Motif? Ketidak ketahuan.

Syukur dan saya.


3 days to go.
Malacca, Im coming. T_T

Yesterday, eh no. its already 12.30am. so two days ago.
We went to abang's school for his registration.

oh he's 15 years old this year. besaq dah.

So I met random people on that day. and I became an observer, looking at other people as if I am a spy.

We spent over a thousand for abang's school fees, which made me surprised..

Well Im not saying my former school yuran tak mahal. haha
but It makes me think a lot on that day. seriously.

Because of that "observer" thingie,
I questioned my sister, how about those family yg tak cukup duit nak bayar?

Then she said yeah the same question was playing in her mind.

We then entered abang's class to pay for his tuition's fee, and I met a mother of 6 children.

Well, She smiled at us, and she sat with us. We calculated money together gether la sebab macam ada slight problem dkt calculation. then she said to me

"Jenuh nak mengorek duit nk baya yuran ni."
(I guess she's a Kelantanese because of her slang.)

she then told me a very meaningful story.
So she was a teacher at a new school and was handling the last class for standard one and two students. Well it's quite interesting to be teaching primary students. (Ah tak sabaq nak jadi cikgu.)

I heard she mengeluh, and then I asked her why? she continued her story, she said yesterday was the registration for her standard 2 class. and as expected; she said she became a form class teacher for the last class.

She told me most of her students having a problem in their family,
to make it short let us say : broken family.

So she told me their main problem,

FINANCIAL problem.

She said she knew that their parents did not have money but somehow they should know their kids are gaining knowledge, searching new knowledge atau erti kata lain menuntut ilmu?
Ada yang tak bayar yuran lagi untuk tahun satu yang lepas, so she said mcm mna la nak berkat.

And most of the parents tak begitu prihatin dekat anak anak,
and I could see her eyes got blurrryyyyyy with tears. but she tahan.

The word "Kesian" di mentioned kan banyak kali from her.

I cannot say anything. But somehow I learned something.


Bersyukur banyak. Alhamdulillah.

but somehow sedikit terpukul, sebab Im a very materialistic person,
demand terlebih.

so I somehow mcm grateful dekat situ saja. Masuk kereta I acted like I forgot everything I heard.
But Allah swt helped me by setting up a date for me to meet this one pakcik at a night market,

he was sitting there, waiting for customers.

Payung apa pun takda. just motosikal and diri dia.

I guess because Im a girl kot,
so I easily touched when I see this group of people.

So we went to him and he stood up straight quickly welcoming us,
terharu sangat.
Dia jual keropok 20 sen and air kotak soya only RM 1.
I couldnt tell my tears not to come out.

So we ambik banyak banyak because lagipun dekat my house dah habis.

And bila bayar, we saw his hands were shaking. I mean extremely shaking.

Rupanya,Pakcik tu tak berapa sihat. Allah uji dia dalam keadaan itu.

What I remembered about him "Minta maaf la, ni depa la ni ikat, pakcik tak boleh nak ikat. tangan pakcik sakit."

Ah. Perjumpaan ini sangat sangat mengajarku erti SYUKUR.


Allah swt bagi ujian pada guru tadi dengan cara begitu,
Allah swt bagi ujian pada murid murid tadi tidak kira usia,
Allah swt beri ujian pada parents tadi dari segi kewangan,
Allah swt beri ujian pada pakcik tadi melalui sakit.

Dan Allah swt beri ujian pada Farah melalui material.

Now, erti syukur tu jelas kelihatan.

Allah swt MURABBI paling agung pernah Farah jumpa.

Clear enough to teach me.
Clear enough.

In two days, I met random people with random stories but the main points were still the same : syukur.

He planned for me this.
Terima kasih Allah.

I wanna tell Rasulullah saw later that you tegur me in this beautiful way :)

Ah tak sabarnya nak jumpa.