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Monday, June 9, 2014



How to start this?

It has been a few months or less before I could get myself ready to update this. I was pretty amazed of things that happened around me lately. It's not how you went through each phase but it's just that how I actually see He is with me all the time. let me share with you.

well, we are human. We are not perfect and for sure we learnt from our mistakes.

Frankly speaking, I was a little freaking out after I did not get medsi. I cried. well seriously,girls. I asked myself twice (I could not remember that) what is He trying to show me now? I called Aina and she asked to "bersangka baik" with Him. I said okay, I will do it. then my sisters said I should go and talk to Him. He knows the answers , they say. I said okay, I will do it.

It was 11.15pm when I took my wudhu' and tears came rolling to my cheeks as my knees touched the ground and my forehead touched the ground.  I did not remember what I was thinking at that time. But inside my mind, it was a clear vision. I told myself not to put my dreams inside my conversation with Him. I said again to myself that 'let Allah swt chooses the best for me.In shaa Allah. Bismillah.'
after I finished my prayer, I told Him everything, like seriously everything.It's like you are telling someone you really trust about your biggest secrets. I just did that.
and thanks to Him, the burden I actually held just now was finally pheww.

The next day, as I scrolled down my tumblr newsfeed, I saw something and just keep scrolling down without realizing the scrolling stopped at one picture with one sentence on it. I said okay. So what is this. I clicked on the picture and I saw

"Things happen for a reason, they really do."

It was just a sentence to certain people, but It was an answer for me. No, His answer. Thank you for answering my call.

What He did, He tried to make myself busy with activities.
First, I went to PWTC and working as a part-timer with an International company.I met random people and it was a remarkable experience. After I went back to Kedah, Leen called me and brought me to meet golongan "asnaf" :) Again, I learnt a lot. With them, I learnt to appreciate my life more. Thanks to Him. He always knows whats the best for us.

And again, He tests us. He made my sister went into an operation.and I have to take care of her. Again,He gave me more experience.
and not to forget, He made me stay away from my phone. :)

after hectic days, I start to realize that the days have ended and I am still smiling.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah swt.