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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hi MUET Speaking Test OCT 2013


muka happy.
Ive done my MUET Speaking Test 2013 :)

So it would be my pleasure to share with you some tips yang I DIDNT DO.


speaking test?

the first thing you have to do is.

Set in your mind, I have to SPEAK.

okay kidding.


1st, you'll be divided into few groups.

some of you will be in a group with 4 members and others might be in a group with 3 members.


please, this is not the right time for you to flirt around.
Make sure all of you decide whos going to be the chairperson.

why should you choose the chairperson?

Because its going to be easy later.
and I heard rumors saying you might get extra marks for that. so, please.

and basically speaking test is divided into two tasks.

Task A and Task B.

Task A,

1) Greet the examiners and friends.

2) Give out your points. So this part, my lecturers prefer to prepare 3 points. But, make sure you stress on the first two points. give elaboration and examples if you can. why? Because you cant control your nervousness. You might not be able to speak or think.

3) Practice to speak not more than 2minutes but NOT LESS than 2 minutes. dont be like me, I screwed up everything.

4) Make sure you have introduction, content points and CONCLUSION.


Task B.

1) The chairperson should do the greetings.

2) if youre candidate C, you can even start to give your opinions.
why? You might build your self-confidence at that time. LOL

3) PLEASE. dont ever call their names even if you are his or her boyfriend/girlfriend , husband/wife, childhood, neighbourhood or whoever which is concerned.
Adress them using the word CANDIDATE.

(eg : Candidate A, candidate B, candidate C or candidate D

4) Dont let the discussion stop or diam buat seketika

5) let everyone speak. this is for the team.

6) Try to use words politely while disagreeing with someone. (eg ; Im afraid that I have to disagree with you.)

7) Conclusion.

Okay dah .

Selamat beramal.


  1. what should we do to prepare ourselves for the other papers?
    especially writing. any tips ?
    thanks in advance

  2. I'll update it later thank youuuu

  3. hi, i spoke for less than 2 minutes. probably less than 1 minute and 45 seconds (i know i screwed up). it did affect my marks right?

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