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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The more you know Allah swt, the more you feel taqwa.


Do you believe them when they say writing is hard? Oh God. I believe them. It's just that... I keep writing on something but because my heart does not really in it, I guess it just hmm rubbish. so I deleted them. well you asked it.. Yeah, it's called "your mind is saying it but not your heart." That is what happening to me,lately. but I can handle them very well with His help.

so here it is! :) May this post will help you to gain your imaan even for a second.

It's Ramadan now, well yeah. Ramadan. A month you could grab your taqwa. You've heard it hundred times or million times people been talking about it. Wait. No. It's not just random people around you. It is in the Quran, man. The words come from Him, Allah swt. Taqwa is in your heart. The prophet Muhammad saw said "At-taqwa ha huna.." while pointing to his chest three times.

You need actions to gain taqwa. Not just words. really. He's there all the time, and this is it. Ramadan. your time to gain taqwa and know Him very very well. Not your bestfriend or someone else, but as your God. Your Creator. Ar-Rahman,Ar-Rahim, and yeah name it all. Though it would be tough, trust me. There will be miracles when you believe. Try and get closer to Him and you will find yourself giving up on everything and turn to Him. Then you will know that you are not living for nothing. but to worship Him. and it's worth it. After that you will start to realize that your heart is actually alive and thanks to Him you realize it just before your time. You could see world in different point of view. More freedom, fun, and yet you know it is temporary. You would want a place which is more fun than this world, so you are thinking?

Yes, there is one place. Jannah. This is the month you can get yourself in a high rank of Jannah. You probably will. When you look into your heart, you look around you, you see yourself smiling looking at happiness and you see Allah swt behind it, that's TAQWA. You would see poeple who gain taqwa, they are really really discipline or what should I describe it. their actions, their words. They took care of it.

Guess I am writing quite a lot here. Sorry. hehe but yeah, finally one done. Happy Ramadan :) May Allah swt bless us. ALWAYS. Selamat mengejar keampunanNya dan meraih Taqwa. Sama sama kita perbaiki diri dan seterusnya ubah dunia.

The more you know Allah swt, the more you feel taqwa is living in your heart.

Lots of love,

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