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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If only you can see Allah swt in front of you,

Assalamualaikum dear readers :)
It has been quite a long time since my last entry :)
and I've been staying in this Uni life like 3 weeks and 2 days, and it was quite a very long journey and yet there's so many things to be shared with all of you.So my life here, as a Uni student, I've been watching all those kind of moves from this Uni students, and some of them were really you know so pretty with their long skirts, long blouse and so on, really inspired people around them to dress just like them :) but then I just thought to myself, why are they wearing tight long skirts , why? and why are they wearing tight long blouse?
well, as a woman, as a girl, as a teenager, I might be concerned about this matter. even the boys do care about this matter how come, us, the girls you know don't really care about this kind of matter. 
but as I went through the weeks, I've learned something.

I am not here just to watch them moving around like that, they are the presenters from Islam, 
they are Muslims, well there's a quote that said "Islam is perfect, Muslims are not," AND I realized that,
but people, since Islam is perfect, and Muslims are not,why are we so you know tend to make mistakes and so on. We continue to make mistakes day by day.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is life, this is what we have to go through,
We make mistakes, so we have to repent, we have to get back, totally come back to Allah swt.
He's waiting for us, EVERY SINGLE DAY. We call ourselves a Muslim, but do we really care about how we look like, how we take care of our ibadah? We can say "oh, you don't know anything so tak payah nk bebel dekat sini." yeah I may not know everything, but He knows. everything.
He is your Creator.


and there is Haze, everywhere around here.
But brothers and sisters,
this haze has been told by Allah swt long time ago. you can read surah ad-dhukan verse 9 -12.
and you see those people, they are like seriously take care of their health, and really afraid of the haze because it might kill them and so on,
but do they know that Allah swt is the one who created the haze, and this haze is one of the good news for Mu'min people, and bad news for sebaliknya, faham la kan. so all of us terlalu takut dengan jerebu. but then, Allah swt? You should be more afraid of Him, He is looking at you everyday. and He watches you on how you try to get face mask and so on, and how nice are you because you really concerned about this matter, but what is left for Allah swt. 

"Jom ambil wudhu' ? " 

"oh kejap lagi bro, aku tak boleh keluar bilik ni, jerebu teruk sangat,"

"nak pergi masjid? oh jauh laa awak, jerebu dekat luar tu teruk, saya dengar bahaya kalau tersedut asap dia."

"eh jerebu? bahayaaaaa oh. boleh mati, can cause cancer ."

nampak? Jerebu bukan penghalang kita nak buat ibadat sebenarnya, sebab jerebu ni satu nikmat,
satu tarbiyyah yang Allah swt turunkan untuk kita untuk renung balik dan kembali sedar.
Allah swt tunggu. 

come with me, sama sama kita remind ourselves, 
Allah swt is with me, and Inni Akhofullah :)

may Allah swt bless us always , everyday:)

take care of your iman, take care of your heart:)
lots of love,

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