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Monday, July 22, 2013

Muslims today.

finally, I can sit in front of this computer and write everything here.

Ramadan. you are here with us.
Wish you could stay with us every day every year.
Allah knows that we need changes, so He created this month.
Month of forgiveness, Month of blessings,
He promised to give us,

"Barangsiapa yang tidak mendapat pengampunan dalam bulan ini, celakalah dia."

A month where we should think as the starting point of "hijrah".
Hijrah. a simple word. yet very hard to do by each Muslims.
Muslims nowadays are too open-minded until they forgot that they have Allah swt yang Maha Melihat.
They went to Masjid, cover up their aurah,
but when they went back home to the hostel, they didnt cover up.

"Mereka ini seolah olah menganggap Allah swt dan para malaikat hanya melihat mereka ketika di dalam masjid."

okay sentap.

If you cannot afford to change others, change yourself.
you are the Muslims, you hold Islam in your heart.
You bring the name of Islam when you go out.
You are representing Islam.
You are in a battle of getting Jannah.

a very simple word.
but the perfect place for us to live.

"So what if this life isnt perfect.This is not Jannah." - Nouman Ali Khan

okay sentap.

Help the guys to strengthen their iman,
Help the girls to be a "wanita syurga."
Helping each other in this month.
a very full of blessings.

read the Al-Quran.
If you do a research,
Al-Quran has the best literature component ever. EVER.
try and read and do research.
Put yourself into each verse in the Al-Quran,
you'll find yourself crying without realizing it.

a reminder for you and for me.
Ramadan is here. with us.

maaf andai terkurang.
jaga hati iman dan taqwa.
lots of love,


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    1. Thank you :) mudah mudahan bermanfaat.

  2. tq fatiq sbb mengingatkan..btw..syahdu lagu instrumental ni..hehe.keep it up fatiq...doakan zal!

    1. sama sama :) mudah-mudahan bermanfaat kepada semua. LOL. okay.
      in shaa Allah :) sama sama doakan :)

  3. thanks again fatiq ;D

    keep on writing , i loved yours (: