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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Allah swt ilhamkan saya :)


Frankly speaking,
since I have woken up from a very long dream.

I discovered something about my own religion.
I started to feel the "nikmat" of Islam and Iman.

and He actually has been giving me a strong feeling of Love which I just discovered.
oh how I took it for granted.
Alhamdulillah thank you Allah swt for bringing me back to the straight path.
they say "Begitu indah macam mana Allah swt tarik dari lembah neraka ke kembali ke jalan Dia".

so the truth that He is everywhere, He is with me,
became more clear when He chose me to be in Lendu.

In Lendu,
I was taught about D&T (Dakwah&Tarbiyyah)
I was taught about my Creator and His Messenger,
I was taught about everything.

Allah thank you again.

Alhamdulillah ended my foundation with bless from Him.

when I came back,
He let me be with my mama ( alone)
because before I actually entered Lendu I told Him
that I was wondering when I actually could spend my time with mama.

and He gave me this moment.
oh from April to September.

and so I told Him.
"Take me back to you when mama really really redha with myself."

Because Ustaz Pahrol told us, the readers that Redha Allah swt itu terletak pada redha Ibu bapa.
so I was thinking if mama redha with me, there is a big possibility that He will redha with me.

and today. 5/4/2014
in Arabian Mendy Restaurant,
mama looked at me. and said "Moga syurga buatmu."

I couldnt ask for more. I said to mama "Jazakillahu khair mama!"
in a very excited way. lol
and mama senyum.
and she said "Moga kita semua juga"
Allahumma Ameen.

and I asked her one question again,
actually two hehe

the first question was in the morning, the second one was in car,
the first one
" Ma, boleh jadi satu hari nanti Malaysia ni akan ada perang. who knows kan. Waktu tu, PM minta semua anak laki dan para suami keluar berperang. boleh tak if iqah nak ikut?"

and she looked at me again.
"Boleh! mama setuju ja. Iqah dapat syahid. who knows"

I SMILED! jazakillahu khairan kathir mama :)

the second one :

"Ma, sekiranya la kan. jangan marah pulak. Iqah nak join misi misi kemanusiaa ke Syria ka, mama okay ka?"

she looked at me again
"Okay sangat! Dapat syahid, who knows. I will be proud of you,"

I couldn't ask for more.
berikan hidayahMu pada ibuku.
Ameen Allahumma Ameen.


  1. Nak join ! Mak aku dh bg green light for gaza hehe. If one day dapat join misi lah ^^

    1. weyy jom jom serious serious. tak main main ni ! :(