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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Typical actions kita haha


So today I'm going to share with you one thing. acewah. one thing sangat.

Okay stay tuned.

okay first and foremost.

Well , no offends people out there. Cause all of us have done these ; 

 1) When we go to Masjid (Mosque), SUDDENLY wear something to cover their head.

Okay. It is good actually because we actually know that we are now entering the zone of good places. BUT we sure can think that Allah swt is everywhere, not just in Masjid? May Allah swt guides all of us. Ameen.

2) When we go to a person's house who is quite "alim", started to wear small things like socks and hand-socks

I am not telling you this to make you feel bad but it happens around us. Suddenly..
"Eh, hand-sock lebih ada dak?"
"Nak buat apa?"
"Wey nak pi rumah dia ni kena pakai tutup tutup sikit. alim oi."

Again. Allah swt is everywhere. 

3) When we meet a pious man (cliche), suddenly turn out to be so solehah. (seriously?)

Okay so this is the best part. Well, no.
"hang tau dak bla bla bla bla....(suddenly shut her mouth like seriously shut)"
"Dah kenapa tetiba diam? tak habis ckp lagi."
"Abang Muhammad (bukan nama sebenar) lalu oi."
"Oh, tu yang jadi solehah tu?"

Again. Allah swt is there in your heart. That is why for those girls out there, when choosing your partners, please ask those people around him about him. his characters. and everything. and for boys, do that also, why is it so? sebab..... Lelaki depan perempuan akan jadi sesoleh yang boleh, perempuan depan lelaki kan jadi sesolehah yang boleh. LOL. PU Rahmat said.

4) When me meet niqabis, or girls with long hijab( tudung labuh) suddenly stop doing the maksiat.

OKAY berjalan.... 
"Abang, jangan pegang la. depan orang ni hah."
"Alaaa macam tak biasa pegang tangan ja."
suddenly niqabis, perempuan tudung labuh, pemuda berjubah berkopiah lalu...

"eh, tadi cakap mcm tak biasa ni dah kenapa lepas? tak sayang ke?" (Perempuan mcm ni satu slap kot) lol
"Eh tak boleh tak boleh. malu oi. tu mcm malaikat lalu."

Again. Allah swt is everywhere. Fikirkan. Cari kembali fitrah diri sebenar.

5) When someone who is older ask us "Apa anak buat ni tengah tengah malam? Dengan anak dara orang ni nak oii."

"Pakcik ni sapa pakcik?"
"Orang biasa ja pakcik."
"So sekarang ni pakcik tu orang biasa ja, saya ni remaja pakcik. muda lagi."
"oh, okay okay remaja kan? oh ya la, awak nk start qiamullail dah kan? teruskan teruskan."
"Amboi pakcik. perli kasaq nampak?"

YES. memang nk perli pun --' Again. Allah swt is everywhere.

Maaf if ada yang trasa hati.
but these are the compilations of stories from my lecturers, friends and even from myself.
so no offended.

Let us be the true mukmin,
May Allah swt guides us :)

in shaa Allah Ameen :)

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